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Select Laser Alignment has the knowledge and laser tracker technology to outperform traditional methods of inspecting in speed, accuracy, & information output. With the advancements in the industrial world, tolerances are getting tighter and tighter and with traditional methods of alignment takes longer and longer to achieve these tolerances.

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That’s where Select Laser Alignments laser tracker contractor services come into play. As a service provider for 3D metrology for refinery and petrochemical industries and many other industries that benefit from the speed and precision of the laser trackers. We have the capabilities to gather concentricity, ovality, dimensional changes, flange locations, equipment interferences and other important areas in need of inspection down to the thousandth (0.001”). We can diagnose equipment problems and help optimize your equipment. Select Laser Alignment can help optimize by:

  • Shaft to shaft alignment
  • Component to component alignment
  • Foundation stability studies
  • Thermal growth studies
  • Machinery Installation
  • Piping inspection, flatness analysis, & flange orientation
  • Baseplate inspections & aid in field machining
  • Internal gearbox & compressor alignment
  • Bolt layout, centerline layout, & elevation benchmarks

Every dimensional metrology inspection comes with a written report and detailed drawings of the findings to help you optimize your process and machinery and to have a fast ROI.

Contact us to learn more about how Select Laser Alignment optimizes refineries and petrochemical plants with the use of our laser tracker services.