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Machinery Installation & Laser Trackers

Select Laser Alignment has been carrying out precision machinery installation of large machinery for a number of years. Examples of worldwide installations including, but not limited to; large test equipment, strong floors, printing presses, industrial CNCs and bedplates.

Select Laser Alignment utilizes the latest measurement technology to achieve the tolerance set by our customers. Every installation job is different, and Select Laser Alignment has the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to achieve accurate and precise installations for all forms of machinery. This could be levelling bed plates, alignment of large machinery or test equipment, even positioning complex particle accelerator components to incredibly accurate tolerances.

Select Laser Alignment installs Equipment in all environments from construction sites to temperature controlled clean rooms in precision manufacturing environments.

All our installations will be accompanied by a detailed measurement report on completion of the work, showing nominal data, actual locations, and delta data in graphical and tabular formats. The final reports are fully customizable and tailored to the customer’s specific requirements on each installation. Contact us to discuss your needs!



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